Accounts Management for Fashion Businesses


The STYLEman Sales Ledger has powerful features to cater for credit control, including the ability to automate credit approvals based on credit limits, exposure limits and age of debts. In addition, a variety of manual facilities allow approval or hold of orders and even order lines. Credit control is applied at key points throughout the order processing cycle, such as order capture, picking and despatch.

Transactions can have individual settlement terms to cater for the myriad of promotional and commercial deals agreed these days, and on reconciliation the system will automatically accrue allowed and disallowed discount.

The Sales Ledger is fully multi-currency, and has quick payment matching facilities to simplify management of large accounts.

OpenAccounts Financials from Advanced

OpenAccounts from Advanced streamlines all your financial business processes for enterprise-wide financial management, allowing you to make more informed decisions, improve operations and reduce costs.

Any accounting system has to be built on a solid foundation, and OpenAccounts is no exception. All OpenAccounts financial modules are geared towards the issues facing service-orientated companies and offer a breadth and depth of functionality that meets the needs of today’s complex enterprises.

Security, control and access to information are fundamental cornerstones of OpenAccounts. Extensive “drill down” capabilities are available across the entire suite, providing the complete picture of any transaction history, even if this information resides in an external system.

Key features include:

  • Flexible chart of account structures
  • Unlimited reporting hierarchies providing multiple business views
  • Unlimited analysis codes for reporting and enquires
  • Multiple standard enquiries and reports
  • Advanced project accounting
  • Sub-contractors payments and CIS reporting
  • Full integration with Excel (import and export)
  • Multi-currency/multilingual capability
  • Powerful integration capabilities

Flexibility is the key to the success of OpenAccounts. The solutions will support structure and organisation changes within the business, allowing the system to grow and change as your business develops and future-proofing the accounting function.


STYLEman has a fully-flexible costing system, where a costing format can be used to create a variety of costings based on source country and shipping method for example. Styles may then be costed against these formats to create budget costs.

When a shipment against a purchase order is raised, it may be costed against the original style costing for comparison purposes to produce a “best known” cost, and finally as purchase invoices are received, the true actual cost is calculated.

Human Capital Management

OpenHR is the expert human resource, payroll, and time and attendance software module from Advanced, providing a range of modules to help organisations manage, measure and leverage individual and team contributions. OpenHR provides a flexible solution to payroll processing and employee management for companies ranging in size from 100 up to 20,000 employees. With OpenHR, eHRM and People Analytics you can maximise the value of your greatest asset—your employees—by aligning their skills, activities and incentives with your business objectives and strategies.

The Advanced product portfolio includes a range of core Human Capital Management solutions, tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

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