STYLEman 365

Our New Cloud-Based ERP Platform For The Fashion Industry

STYLEman enters a new era with our latest Cloud-based 365 release. Carefully designed to provide a complete overview of your product lifecycle, STYLEman 365 strengthens collaboration between remote teams and provides greater transparency for customers, partners, and suppliers.

Each aspect of STYLEman 365 has been crafted with the customer in mind, giving your team the power to bring products to market using our innovative Business-to-Supplier (B2S) and Business-to-Business (B2B) virtual marketplace interface. With the power of the Cloud, your brand becomes visible from any device, in any location. This means that you can keep panoramic control of your product development, sales, and supply chain wherever you are.   

Lifting the shop floor into the virtual realm has never been so effortless, allowing fashion brands to unlock their full creative potential.  

Imagine It, Do It

With STYLEman 365, imagination is everything. You can bring your product range to life in the minds of your audience however you wish. This includes the option to create multiple views and videos, allowing your apparel to showcase itself.

Shining The Spotlight

Bestselling products sell even more when they are in the spotlight. STYLEman 365 makes sure that the most popular products will never inadvertently gather dust due to a lack of visibility, guaranteeing that your big earners keep working hard, 24/7.

Making It Quick

The world is fast-paced, and customers do not want to waste time. STYLEman 365 gives customers all the information that they need to complete a purchase quickly, including product availability, stock levels, and pricing based on their trading discounts.

Keeping The Communication Going

Building a successful, on-going rapport with customers is vital. With STYLEman 365, you can automatically keep in touch with customers, giving them the opportunity to make the most of your range. This includes suggesting orders that they may like, informing them about current best sellers, and letting them know about new products.

Tailoring The Message

Customer segments need focused marketing. STYLEman 365 enables your team to create specific product line lists that tailor the marketing message so that the right audiences get the right product portfolio.  

Enhancing Visibility

Customers don’t like to be kept in the dark. This is why STYLEman 365 enables customers to track the status of each of their orders, reducing stress along the supply chain as a whole. This feature integrates with both STYLEman B2B and STYLEman ERP, resulting in a neat, accessible solution.

Tidy Financial Management

Untidy accounts cause a myriad of headaches. With STYLEman 365, customers and suppliers can see the full picture at a glance. This includes the state of their account, their invoices, available credits, and any outstanding balance – as well as shared workflows and project updates.

Making The Most Of Barcodes

The fastest and most accurate way to conduct store and warehouse replenishment is by barcode. STYLEman 365 lets your wholesale customers update their orders in real-time, simply by walking around the store and scanning the relevant barcodes.

Taking The Uncertainty Out Of Upselling

Upselling benefits everyone. However, expanding a product base can be both tricky and risky. STYLEman 365 uses advanced algorithms to take the uncertainty out of the process, matching customers to products that fit their ideal demographics.

Embracing Integration

Integration is crucial to efficient productivity. By integrating with both Google Maps and STYLEman ERP, cloud-based STYLEman 365 becomes a one-stop solution for fashion retailers. This gives you panoramic vision of your organisation and customers, offering complete, real-time insight into ever-shifting markets.

Next Steps

STYLEman 365 is a flexible ERP solution that can be tailored to the needs of your business – with extensive data management, reporting, and analytics tools – as well as seamless integration with a range of third party apps. To find out more about STYLEman 365, or to request a free demo, please get in touch with our service team today.