STYLEman WMS Inventory Software


STYLEman WMS extends the functionality of STYLEman ERP by providing highly-efficient paperless warehouse management.  This includes Pick Face and Bulk stock management, warehouse zoning, single-pass pick and pack, and parallel picking for small e-commerce orders.

STYLEman WMS can manage both bulk stock and lot/batch level stock, where satisfying an order from the same batch is paramount.

WMS Features

The WMS includes comprehensive functionality for paperless warehouse management, including

  • Style and Material Inventory management
  • Total and Lot-level control
  • Bulk and Pick Face stock
  • Multiple Stock Types supported in a single Location
  • Warehouse Zones/Equipment
  • Zones picked separately and Marshalled
  • Order Well to Wave and Allocate work
  • Single pass Pick and Pack
  • Matrix Picking for e-Commerce orders
  • Picker Efficiency
  • Perpetual Inventory Counting

Warehouse Office

STYLEman WMS is managed from the Warehouse Office, a browser-based application intended to be used on a large screen device such as a PC or tablet.  The Warehouse Office application is used for system configuration, management of the workload via the Order Well, and performance reporting.  It is also used for managing perpetual inventory count cycles, and monitoring completion of the PI counts.


STYLEman WMS uses low-cost ruggedised Android scanners, effectively an enhanced mobile phone with built-in 1D barcode scanner and keyboard, but the application is browser-based and can be run on any devise with an HTML5-capable browser, which includes iPads and other tablets, opening up a wide range of possibilities for stock management.  The interface is optimised for touchscreen navigation.

Scanners are robust, and the software allows resumption of transactions caused by (for example) moving out of wifi range, flat battery etc.

Scanner functionality includes

  • Stock Receipts
  • Putaway
  • Pick Face Replenishment
  • Picking
  • Parallel Picking
  • Marshalling and Repicking
  • Despatch
  • Transfers and Adjustments
  • PI Counting
  • Returns
  • Enquiries

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