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While STYLEman365 typically manages the majority of a company’s commercial transactions, there are some instances where the application needs to interact with external resources.  In order to cater for these, STYLEman365 has two types of Application Program Interfaces (APIs).

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Open Access APIs

STYLEman365 ERP is supplied with its own import and export functionality for all database tables, called Open Access.  


Open Access provides simple mapping functionality to enable data to be imported, from other application, into any database table or group of tables within STYLEman. This is particularly useful when migrating to STYLEman365 initially, and in loading the database with data from your current ERP system or from spreadsheets.  Open Access is very useful for importing data such as customer orders, purchase orders, product updates etc, and has scripting and batch functionality in order to automate this type of repetitive importing.  All data imported through Open Access undergoes the same security, data validation and data integrity checks that any data entered through STYLEman365 would go through, ensuring there are no inconsistencies. 



The STYLEman365 ERP application programs allow an extract of the data shown on screen into Excel with a single click.  Open Access allows more complex data extracts to be written and saved, and used for reporting purposes, for example into Data Warehouses or Excel Pivot Tables. Open Access handles all of the complex table joining in the background meaning that reports are as simple as selecting the fields to be displayed on the report and any filtering and/or sorting required. Open Access can also be used for integration into third party applications, where a batch-style occasional interface is sufficient.  


Where a more interactive, real-time interface is appropriate, then STYLEman365 has a number of application-specific interfaces.

Application-specific APIs

Whilst simple interfaces can be built using the data mapping facilities in Open Access, for some applications a more specific interface is required.  Some current interfaces include:

  • Purchase and Nominal Ledger accounting – interfaces for Open Accounts, Coda, Sun Accounts, Sage50, Sage200, Xero, Access Dimensions, JD Edwards and SAP Business One.
  • Retail Shop Sales – interfaces for Eurostop’s WinRMIS, Bleep ePOS
  • Warehouse Management Systems – interfaces for Red Prairie, PRIAM, SEKO, PL-Store
  • Carrier Systems – interfaces for DPD, MyDPD, DHL, Metapack, Hermes 
  • B2C E-commerce – interfaces for Magento, Shopify 
  • Digital Wholesale – interface for Joor

EDI Gateway – interfaces for TrueCommerce and Transalis

ODBC Compliance

The STYLEman365 database can be accessed by any report writing tool using an ODBC or JDBC connection, including Crystal, Cognos, RedShift, Access and other business intelligence applications.

More information

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