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The STYLEman365 ERP database builds a hugely valuable repository of trading information, and has analytics to produce key performance indicators for the business within the application itself; indeed, they can be docked to the application navigation so that they are always visible in summary form, and can be drilled into as required.

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When further analysis is required, STYLEman365 ERP can export on-screen data to Excel with a single click, or more complex extracts created with the STYLEman365 API Open Access facility.  Once in Excel, data can be pivoted, graphed, sliced and diced to reveal trends that may not be obvious from the raw data.

Some business metrics require data from other external sources in order to provide a comprehensive picture of the company, and for this purpose STYLEman365 BI can pull data from multiple applications in real time, presenting it as dashboards tailored to job roles. Whether your responsibilities lie at Cxx Director Level or in Management, STYLEman365 BI can produce dashboards appropriate to your needs to offer “at-a-glance” summaries, with the detail being explored when needed.

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