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Open Access is STYLEman’s gateway to getting data into and out of the system. This may be for many reasons: data conversion, integration to other applications and reporting being probably the three most common usages.

For data imports, STYLEman has all the validation built into the database, rather than residing in application software. This allows data to be imported simply by mapping the input fields to the database, and letting the database validate and report any errors for resubmission.

Open Access Import Screenshot

Open Access Export is a simple way of getting STYLEman data into external files, for example for using as a data source for Excel Pivot Tables, or as XML for integration into third party systems. Open Access “understands” the table relationships within STYLEman, making it simple to choose fields from related tables. This avoids the complications of linking tables together, and the performance consequences of getting it wrong.

Dashboard Screenshot

Open Access makes it very easy to update data in the database by exporting current settings (for example, Price Lists), updating them in Excel and importing the updates back into STYLEman. It is also a key element in creating custom management reports, without any software development.

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