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STYLEman Mobile

STYLEman Mobile extends the functionality of STYLEman to mobile devices (primarily tablets, although the application may be run on PC browsers as well as mobile phones). The application is primarily aimed at field sales staff and customers, allowing them to enter orders, check stock availability and perform order and account enquiries.

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Orders are priced using the same multi-tier price lists, discounts, special prices and promotions as supported by STYLEman. At the end of the order, an acknowledgement may be emailed to the customer.

Styles may be grouped into collections for offer via STYLEman mobile, where a collection may be a subset of your full range. Orders may be taken for Forward sales (when a purchase has not yet been made) or Stock sales, where available stock is checked in real time from STYLEman. The system also supports “catalogue” sales, where the collection may be browsed, and “showroom” sales, where bar codes on your samples are used as the trigger to show a full colour/size matrix.

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STYLEman Mobile is aimed at both field sales staff, and for customers to become self-serving for new Orders, Sales, Stock and Account Enquiries.

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