STYLEman ERP, PLM, Mobile, WMS and BI, software for clothing and footwear companies

STYLEman Schematic


STYLEman is specifically designed for clothing and footwear businesses.   It comprises a suite of integrated modules that provide the finctioality needed by typical apparel companies: colour/size matrix, seasonality, availability, forward ordering etc.

STYLEman comprises:

  • STYLEman ERP (the blue tiles in the diagram),
  • STYLEman PLM for Product Development and Lifecycle Management
  • STYLEman Mobile for Salesmen and Customers
  • STYLEman WMS for Warehouse Management
  • STYLEman BI for Business Intelligence

Around these core modules we have integrated a number of third party products in order to offer a complete, integrated, best-of-breed solution.

All STYLEman software is designed, developed and supported form our HQ in the UK, and sold by us and our network of distributors worldwide.

Brochures are available for each of the products here, or more information is available on-line here.

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