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At Option Systems, we don’t mind where you choose to host your application; they can be installed on a server in your offices, hosted by your ISP or a specialist hosting organisation such as Rackspace, or even hosted by a cloud service such as Amazon.

All our applications are available to purchase for a one-off licence fee and annual maintenance, or to rent on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, which is the software industry’s umbrella term for a variety of different business models for charging for use of software.

SaaS provides for a number of different models: application rental, or charging based on some other business metric such as number of styles, customers, orders or similar. These methods can be particularly useful in controlling costs for start-up organisations, and also where there are unusual spikes in the business, for example in schoolwear.

We are extremely flexible in our approach to business, and will do our best to tailor a business model just for you.

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