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For each project, a personalised Implementation Plans is created that reflects the customer’s business priorities and demands, and the tasks needed to take the application live.

This ensures that all parties understand the effort needed and the timetable. The Implementation Plan is generally phased in-line with a company’s business cycle (often season), which spreads the workload and eases transition from your current systems.

When the software is installed, two separate environments will be created: a test/training environment and a live environment. This allows users to be trained on the software without worrying about making mistakes. Periodically during implementation, the live environment may be copied to the test area in order to refresh the data in it.

The test environment may also be used for testing software developments, and changes to business practices may be evaluated without affecting the live data.

In general, an executive overview training session will be given to key users within an organisation at the start of the implementation process, in order that they can make sensible commercial decisions as to how the software should be configured. Usage training is delivered on a just-in-time basis in line with the implementation plan.

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